Inside the wooden bathroom, all that comprises natural well being can be found.

Wood immediately creates an intimate and cozy ambience, perfect for bathing.
Wooden floors, drawers, frames and the latest trend: the wooden tub, which creates a certain timelessness. When selecting the type of wood for the creation of wooden baths, one should be particularly careful to avoid deformations due to humidity and make sure physical well-being is kept in mind.

Some types of wood have beneficial properties for the body and they are therefore used within SPAS:

  • ¬†Swiss Pine is widely used in wellness for its invigorating scent and because it releases vitamin C, essential oils and turpentine into the air, substances which are found in abundance in the wood.
  • From pine you can prepare natural remedies against cold symptoms and respiratory and circulatory problems. It also conveys harmony, helping to eliminate negative stress.
  • Larch wood is very resistant to atmospheric agents, to variations in temperature and humidity and its resin is also used to create medication against skin diseases.

All elements of the bath are shaped precisely by hand in line with the Bariza tradition, paying attention, paying attention, not only to aesthetic but also to ethical aspects. Each product is made with hypoallergenic and antiseptic products, water-based paints that respect all of the natural elements of the material, the environment and people.