Bariza’s woodworking specialists was born from a passion for wood shown by the grandfather of Roger Alberti, the current owner. It was in the year 1920 that the young Alberti learned the art of craftsmanship in Cortina d’Ampezzo. 40 years later his son, passionate about his father’s trade, decided to create the Bariza workshop as an extension of the house owned by the family. Here today, Roger Alberti continues to work, with growing enthusiasm and success, on the project initiated by his father and grandfather.

The surrounding wooded area provides high quality wood. The passion for manual work and the growing demand for products in the field of tourism, housing and furniture manage allow the transformation of the raw material into products of Made in Italy excellence.
The history of Bariza woodworking specialists completely merges with its wealth:

The wood, sturdy and robust, but at the same time flexible, is able to retain the story within it, readable through its nodes, and evolve whilst surviving the passage of time.

There are features at the base of all the wooden products found in Cortina’s workshop, hand-made with great effort, which cannot only be seen from the structural point of view but also from an idealistic one. Bariza production employs skilled craftsmen and makes products that are hand chiselled using a classic frame and small power tools. This preserves the natural shape of the wood, enriching it with new elements, in terms of the design created, without ever losing sight of the habitus of the various types of wood:
Pine: versatile material because it is water resistant and is therefore able to preserve the beauty of artistic workings thanks to its softness.
Larch: very resistant, suitable for external construction due to its intrinsic characteristic of renewing itself year after year.
Swiss Pine: this wood is very fragrant and rich in essential oils, vitamin C and turpentine. Therefore, it used to build medium to small objects like beds or cots. Its organoleptic properties can be sensed during rest.
Pine: pine is a sun-loving tree and it is therefore destined to preserve surrounding life. It is soft and fragrant and therefore lends itself to carving work and is widely used for windows and exterior doors thanks to its weather resistance.

Many of the creations from Bariza’s workshop are made with Solid wood, or hardwood, which remains almost unchanged at a structural level, so it is perfect for the construction of solid furniture and doors.

The main feature of the whole craft production lies in the respect given to the materials used. Wood is a valuable asset and must be worked on whilst taking advantage of all its features. Its longevity is undoubtedly one of the most important and offers ample opportunity to Recycle: Old warehouses, parquet, packaging, furniture still preserve fragments of wood that are often also very valuable and that the artisans of Bariza can find and collect in the same way they do everything: By hand!