Wooden furniture fills your home.

The wooden furniture is produced with artistic skill, handed down from father to son and improved: attention to detail, unique design and passion that customers can see for themselves during the production process.

The furniture and certified hard wood complimentary furnishings are tailor designed to interpret the needs of customers. The production and polishing are carried out by hand to preserve the natural properties of the wood.
The Bariza woodworkers focus on finding original designs, but prefer functional products as well as practical ones, using an interlocking method without the need for additional metal supports.

Our creations include:

  • Tailor made hard wood furniture
  • Complete furnishings for private clients and hospitality facilities
  • Wellness centres
  • Home accessories

From the past to the present, our philosophy has not changed: we remove ourselves from mass production and build solid wood furniture by hand; unique pieces that remain true to the tradition of craftsmanship.