Taking care of ourselves starts from the wooden table.

The kitchen is the most vital room in the house, representing friendliness and transformation. Cooking and conversing are arts just like wood craft. Therefore Bariza kitchens are built using the highest quality materials and they have fine finishes and coatings that respect the timber and the surrounding environment which preserves the product over time from wear and yellowing.

We provide rustic or modern environments which reflect family and personal habits; the perfect balance between space and practices need. Each item is created by applying traditional methods to test the results of a constant aesthetic research. A Bariza kitchen is an exclusive and stylish design, creating spaces that increase their value over time and specifically made to fully enjoy the atmosphere of a warm wooden house.

Bariza thinks about style but also about functionality, identifying the habits of its customers and designing solutions that improve their life; each request is considered, evaluated and translated into a wooden work of art that is flawlessly built.

A comfortable kitchen stimulates you to do the dishes; the food has a material and symbolic value, it is a source of energy and sharing: being happy starts at the table. Better still is if the table is built with passion in the Bariza workshop.