The Bariza bedroom gives shape to your dreams.

The Bariza room of dreams is designed according to the natural rhythms and the personal characteristics of our customers and the quality of wood used.

The Bariza bedroom is an intimate and essential ambience, with coordinating wardrobes and bedside tables made in solid wood, in its various colours, that still retains the aroma of freshly harvested material.

The ideal solution is studied in detail, starting from the best types of wood and using them to create an artisanal product with accurate finishing, as a sign of strength, elegance and exclusivity to spread well-being and beauty.

There is a relation between quality of sleep and environmental and social factors; sleep in an environment which does not suit our characteristics can create stress and discomfort that have a negative effect on daily activities. Rest is an essential part of our daily lives and should be cared for in all its phases, starting from the elements that make us relaxed, protecting your sleep until you wake up with a perfect start.

The Bariza woodworkers are well aware that when they create the bedrooms, they are bearing all the characteristics needed for well-being during rest in mind. They prepare lovely comfy beds, keeping the room from noise and maintaining an apt inside temperature; characteristics that only a precious material such as wood can provide.